One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Remember Crocuses


I forgot what crocuses look like.  I walked outside and saw these beautiful purple flowers. I noticed them.  Bent over to study them.  For a moment, I thought they were saffron bulbs that escaped a nearby pot.

It had not been a long winter, but I stayed inside so long that I forgot.

I went back in the house.  Checked the news, sent a tweet, popped bread into the toaster.  I cared for the children, pet the dog, pulled a pencil loose from the other dog's mouth, I had dinner made with rice from distant fields and fish from another shore.  I tucked the children in, found those well-knit socks and the rain boots that offer little warmth--

I took these and made pilgrimage under the moon feeling unsettled.

What were those flowers?

"Aren't the crocuses beautiful?" asked my beloved.

Like lighting it hit me.  I touched the petals remembering.

I felt the earth beneath me, remembering.

I looked around at the naked trees and felt crisp wind on my cheek, remembering.

Spring returns.

I remember.

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