One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Michael and Robert at the Detention Center

I do not know if 
it was Michael or Robert
but one of the little boys
was still
young enough to be slightly unsteady 
at the edge of the curb 
in that fenced 
exercise area 
with barbed wire 
'round the top.


Not from the anxiety of it all-
Your parents on trial for espionage -
your last visit to the detention center

But something much more benign,
because his little legs
had not yet found the 
neural networks
for stability.

So one of the boys teetered 
as the cameras rolled.

I see them
those little boys

everywhere now

the children who are unsteadied 
in impossible circumstance
they will not understand 
if we do our job
they survive to 
be the subject of the documentary.

"What was it like?"

They will bite their lip,
decades later
as the cameras roll once more;
try to explain 
how they were just
on the beam.

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