One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Fusion: Know a Good Lawyer about the one about civil rights...

It is not always terribly sexy, but a lawyer with decent knowledge of constitutional law and serious persistence may just save a whole lot of our lives soon.  I learned the value of a lawyer when I was in North Carolina and thrown in jail for attempting to speak to my representative.  I learned once more the value of a lawyer when one called me to ask if I would be part of a suit to gain marriage equality rights, an argument that ended up working.  I was reminded last week as a judge issued a stay against yet another executive order of the value of a good lawyer- or two.  All the jokes we might tell placed aside, we are gonna need a few good lawyers in the days ahead.  So for this Friday Fusion, I am giving a shout out to the ACLU.  Well done, good and faithful servants.  Let's hope we all keep you fueled for the years ahead!

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