One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Friday, February 10, 2017

A Blessing of Jelly

Tell them--
maybe in the toast at the end of the night,
Tell them--
That dazzling and dazed couple
that there will be days
of fatigue
and motions without feelings
and bone-achey begging
for sleep.

Tell them that
it won't be as they dream;

That they will take towels with rough edges
to scrub the jelly
from tables
and sofa arms
and the corners
of windows.

Tell them it will be days later
when at last
sitting down
they will tilt their head to see that yes
that line
in the middle of
Tom Hanks' face
on the television
is jelly.
And yes Harry did meet Sally,
but not with jelly on his forehead.

Tell them
there will be a day
when without reason
they will stop in the middle of the room
and in the quiet of the house
with hands readied,
towels dampened,
there is no more
sticky spot to clean.

Tell them--
go to the fridge
take out
 the jar
even the sophisticated raspberry jam will do-

Take butter knife as if lifting the silver menorah
and then
plunge it deep into the jar
coming up for the air of the carpet
the shelf
the sofa
the thin line across Tom Hanks' face

Bring jelly
once more.

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