One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Friday, January 20, 2017

She Is There

Has already
At the kitchen table
Over toast
And sliced orange-
We remember the taste of sunrise
We look into one another;
Courage is captured in the hands connecting silently
While the children giggle
Unaware of the silent promises
Their parents make.
Revolution has already
In the sanctuaries
On the prayer mat
Tallit brushing across the shoulder
The candles ablaze,
Our voices rise
In the resonance of resistance and resilience.
Revolution has already
They are knitting
Into form once more;
The floors of the factory are animated with the rivets of her persistence,
Bread and roses
As the mothers of the movement answer her phone call;
Some sitting down, some rising, some wheeling, all moving in the motion of her genesis.
Revolution has already
She was here
At your birth
When you were
Named into being
And held toward the eastern sky.
Remember beloved:
Revolution has already

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GailNHB said...

Amen to this. Revolution has begun indeed.
Revolution actually began a long time ago.
May it continue. May it deepen. May it transform our nation and our world.

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