One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Meditation: Remembering Sweetness

You cannot forget that bitter-panicked taste
Whether you were nine years old
Mouth agape as the
was beaten
If you put your head down
Because of the shame
in the religious school
that let in Jewish girl
whose name still causes you to pause
and remembered
when they
Then gave her detention
for missing "church"

Maybe you were the girl
or the boy beaten in the back of the locker room
Or the father welcomed with armed guard
upon arrival home for a mix-up
with papers
The father pulled from his children
or the woman in the hijab
waiting hours in a small room with flickering lights
to hear if you
passed the test
to live in safety
between shores.

You know the taste
the electric fear that runs alongside the tongue
Signaling injustice

And a few
know another taste
after the long struggle
It is the salty sweet edge of a hot cup of cocoa
the marshmallow ring
that remains after the liquid is consumed

It is justice
In a cold night
to hold a warm cup
be surprised when its empty
that there is still sweetness
at the edge.

Remind me in the bitter electric
of the cup I may yet pass
to my children.

Remind me in the night
To tell them the stories
of warmth
of resistance
of cocoa
and sweetness deep in the night
And dreams that were kind
And days we did not

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