One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Quilt-makers

It poured tonight
Big thunder and wild fractured lighting

I thought

Because I can’t take one more vomit-worthy perfect cloudless sky
And beautiful birdsong at daybreak
And dogs that sit with wagged tail
And children that giggle in high pitch
And lawnmowers delivering sweet-smelling grasses.

As if

We won’t read about us one day with equal dismay and disaster shock-
fail to explain to our children-
If they make it to that day-

How we could think that tears chose tragedy
Or systems autocorrected
Or that beloved did not come from the hard night of broken?
How we could believe in our bones that
White babies of a dove lily mother
Would not die from this disease too?

Once, when thousands died from disease
So many were silent
So many dead swallowed up in that silence
They brought a quilt-
Reminded us of our grandmothers
And chicken soup
And herringbone stitches that could mend even AIDS

Maybe once more the quilt could come
But this time we
Build blanket forts
Out of the memories of the bereaved
Stay together in those tents of mourning
Feeling the heat rise with our bodies
Sweat running down our necks, tears down across our shirt
Knowing it’s okay to cry together
To belong at last
To each other