One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

What If?

What if
You could name your heart’s pulse maker
Put it there on page
Like a brilliant strategic plan
Except one that gets used not put on the shelf
What if you could name what matters most
Everything single darn thing
That made you come alive
Fully really alive
I mean like electric
Not cheap doritos or numbing sitcom
“Okay I am breathing”
But like
“Whoa! Aaaaaaamaaaaaaazing! Yes!”
I am here for a reason
And this right here
Is it.
What if you lived for those things
And life became one big beautiful magic world
Where those things were the home bases
You rounding those corners as fast as you could
Knowing the sweetness of the slide,
Not caring about the dirt on your pants or the rug burn
You on this hobbit quest
Like a hawk
And let’s be honest,
A bit badass (if one could say that).
What if
“no” was easy to say to what didn’t serve that purpose
And the heart was not hooked into being liked or pleasing to others
Because it was that simple
If only for a blink in the universe
You really got your twinkle on.
I mean

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Failing Human

I don't know how 
to make sense of the stunning white butterfly with slate speckles landing on the azure delphinium 
a flash of heaven here in the piedmont
while the truth of 41 dead in Istanbul 
239 injured 

sinks in,
me wondering if there are 239 of anything in this small garden,
some beauty against that terror.

I don't know how 
to make sense of Georgia
who purred and danced round my legs as I buried the hen who ruled the coop.

I don't know how 
to make sense of the beautiful and broken
so often delivered together
but that is this day
"and many more yet" my heart whispers.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Being Human

I went to a vigil on Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As the vigil began, very quietly... a Muslim family arrived with their two young children. The mother held a child about the age of 4 while the father held an infant. Several people looked back in the crowd watching the woman who wore a hijab. I thought, "I wonder what it takes to show up here with your young children at a LGBTQ bar after the Orlando murders?" 
And then, several people in the crowd parted and motioned for the family to step into the gathering rather than be held at the edges. Everyone went back to standing together. The Muslim family was now a part of the thousand who gathered. 
I thought, "what must it take to welcome that family into this crowd?" 

Tears welled up. 
Being human.
That's what it takes.