One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Friday, May 2, 2014

On the Road Again for Equality By Reverend Robin Tanner, Rabbi Judy Schindler, and Reverend Nancy Ellett Allison

We’re back on the road again journeying for full equality.

It seems like it was just yesterday on April 1, 2011, that we brought seven couples to Washington, D.C. to be legally and religiously wed. We made this eight-hour journey baffled that equality could be defined by passing through the borders of just two states. Three years later we return with six couples who have collectively been together for 100 years.

·         It’s Leslie and Marni’s 10th anniversary of when they sanctified their union in Beth El’s sanctuary.
·         Pauline and Barbara celebrate 14 years since that first spark flew at an ACC game.
·         Elaine and Elaine rejoice in their 16 years together of building a home, family and life.
·         Shelley and Dianne honor their 16 years as partners and best friends.
·         Larry and David, who were a bit apprehensive about being the only male couple on the trip, celebrate 23 years of a soulful journey as one.
·         Lastly, Sally and Alice, our resident wisdom keepers, rejoice in 31 years of togetherness, dancing, and light.

This weekend celebrates their collective…
one-hundred years of commitment
one-hundred years of love
one-hundred years of faith, patience, honesty, joy, humor, respect, and trust

With tears of joy, we just picked up each of their marriage licenses as the courthouse.

Even after one hundred years, it was difficult for most of them to imagine a day such as this. 
Today we’ve experienced full equality in our nation’s capital.

Tomorrow we will bless and seal their unions in their respective traditions in the sanctuary of All Souls.

May the day soon come when we do not need to leave our home of North Carolina
to legally recognize and bless what is clearly already so sacred.

Mazel tov to the couples...