One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prayer for the Earth

I recently attended a Moral Monday interfaith prayer service and offered a prayer for the environment.  We certainly need more than prayers to turn climate change around, but on this snowy North Carolina day (what?!) it seemed appropriate.

Spirit of Life,
Known by many names,
We give thanks this night for the air we breathe,
For the water which flows to quench our thirst, and
For the earth upon which we tread.
We walk humbly within a creation we did not create.
We gather with lives made possible by gifts we’ve been given.
But we, who love the earth, are called to more than gratitude in this moment.
More than thanks for what has been given
More than words to protect what is now under attack.

Spirit of Our Lives
May we who gather listen to the call for courage, coming from our children’s lips.
To protect the air
To protect each breath from those who seek pride and power from the profits of pollution
Protect each drop of precious water from those who would dare preach the waters are owned by anyone.
To stand in witness to the unnatural rumblings of the mountain and to resist
all short term gain for generational pain.

For we, who love this earth, are called to step forward now.
For our children’s children
To stand up now.
We who believe in the dream
Are called to gather together now
Beyond the paralysis of politeness
The narrowness of politics
The identities that have divided us
Into the confidence to build the beloved world we hope for,

With assurance from the cloud of witnesses for the world not yet seen.
Apart from the color of our skin, the dialect of our tongues or the particularity of our God
We are called by faith

Faith, trust, in the human breath, the human thirst for justice, the human path of righteousness
Faith, trust, in the love and unity which will be
Our very survival.
So it is we must go..
Forward together
Not one step back.