One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Are You Out There?

Ever walked into a room and felt that there had just been a big fight or joyous celebration?  Perhaps you are one of those that can “take the temperature” in a room quickly without even knowing what has happened.  There are some who claim that when a world event has happened, they wake in the night not knowing what but somehow knowing.  If you ever lost a loved one, you may know the feeling that comes up in you that something is not right; then you get the call.  Not psychic powers, so much as a deep connection that transcends space and time.

Scientific studies have proven again and again that there is some kind of energy, knowing, and connection that exists beyond the measurement of five senses.  Even the live cultures in yogurt respond to human thought, or at least that’s the plot of Tom Shadyak’s movie “I Am.”  Okay, so perhaps our connections are not that simple.  Yet, surely many of us, not all, but many have felt a moment of transcendence when something beyond us, yet not fully in our grasp, connects to us.  These are the “awe” moments.  Fleeting moments of knowing we are connected and held beyond measure are often seen as the litmus test of spirituality.

Some people spend a lifetime trying to live only in these “awe” moments.

Yet, we know the great sages spent most of their life between moments of transcendence.  Mother Theresa spent years without any sense of the sacred in her life.  I wonder if Emerson or Thoreau spent days in the woods where they wandered without any immense feeling of self-reliance or wisdom unfolding.  I am sure even the Buddha had days of un-enlightenment.

Perhaps the secret, if there is one, to spiritual peace and contentment is not in seeking transcendence but learning how to live in the unpredictable presence of transcendence.  We are called to cultivate satisfaction in the days without sacred space and yet be ever willing to embrace the breezes of mystery and wonder that come through our lives.  It certainly means acceptance of the ordinary days.  

We are called to be worshipers, always considering what is of worth, training our eyes to see the sacred, our ears to hear it, our mouths to taste it, our noses to smell it, our hands to touch it.  We are called to be wanderers, walking in the great absence of “awe”, seeking more than finding, and yet willing when transcendence comes to let it in.  Only then, somewhere between pure moments of peace and the hard streets of concrete and schedules, can we know the great contentment of the sages.


Anonymous said...

Robin, the first paragraph sounds like me. With my mother and friends who have passed. I am as sure when it happens it is real as I am that it requires believing it can when it doesn't or has passed. Even in the moment of the experience, abandoning disbelief is part of the process. Speaking about it afterwards always involves actively, generativly, engaging in remembering with certainty. "This did happen, I am not making it up, I don't feel it now but...." Like the "mystery of faith". There is always a little room where doubt lives, I just close the door.

How this relates to my search for connection to "source" is similar but not completely. Too many coincidences, perfect moments and a life filled with better than I could have dreamed up. My kids,(long story short adopted and amazing), my experience of the a fore mentioned death of my mother and the love and care the Piedmont community surrounded me with,allowing me room to breath and be quiet not pestering me with details and needs, so much more to say about that but not now. I can go on for hours about so many of examples. Am I just lucky? Am I just looking from a "half full" place? I haven't experienced or noticed this for most of my life until recently. For so many years I looked at Grace, in a word, as coming from outside. Looking and waiting as you described above, searching. This model doesn't seem to be right at least for me.

Back to the "mystery of faith". I am trying out the premise that searching needs to be replaced by sourcing. Being, in my ego and body, connected to the much larger source that is me. The source that is connected to all, and attracts to me that which I request even when the request is not fully formed. This, my eternal divine self that has it's toe in the water here for the joy and fullness of experiencing sentient corporeal life. Abraham-Hicks in The Law of Attraction" speaks of the 'Vortex of Creation" that each of us is. This vantage point requires taking responsibility for what is which is unnerving to say the least. What if my " vibration of attraction" is responsible for all of IT. the whole magilla of life here. Even if it is just what is manifesting around me that is again unnerving.
But,...but, maybe we are here to learn that we need to reach through the veil, towards Grace, and the source of creation,to connect with ones gone and to find the true way to touch one another, to love. I am trying it out anyway, even though it seems like the epitome of ego and self delusion sometimes, it still feels like the best way the only way to my search for the divine source.

Barasha said...

Before enlightenment fetch water and chop wood. After enlightenment fetch water and chop wood. Mundane life and it's inertia carries us along- if we have a mind to, we get to slow mundane life down and smell the roses and touch the divine.

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