One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hook, Line, & Sink

So here's the hook.  You can read viewer counts on blogs.  And with twitter you have "followers."  Even Facebook has an application to see how many people are viewing your profile.  Eek!  Do they love me????

It appears high school has hit the social media.  And by that I mean, the unfortunate competition to make sure you have enough "likes,"  that is people who like you or your status updates.  Have we really come to the point that we are measuring the number of times someone is interested in us to demonstrate worth?  Apparently even Newt Gingrich tried to use his 1.3 million followers on twitter, which is well above any other GOP candidate, in order to demonstrate his viability as a candidate (see politico article).  But then we found out there's a way to buy followers.

So social media gurus, I implore you to continue to use the networks for your message and for connections, but not popularity which is hardly ever measured by how many--or how few-- people will enjoy watching or reading you.  Think America's Funniest Home Video.  I am pretty sure we didn't watch videos of parents surprised by their children or poor souls falling off porches because they were popular or particularly likable but because.... well it was entertaining.

And for the rest of us blogging and slugging through Facebook as regular users, maybe social media connections are not exactly the connections they imply.  A "like" or "poke" on Facebook can be oh so misleading.  The phone, or better yet antiquated in person meeting, might still be the best way to battle the occasional loneliness in this world.  I hate to sound like a Luddite, but little in technology replaces the in person contact.  Social media hopefully is just a vehicle for getting to that contact.

Got to go...   I am wondering what my view count on my blog is now....

just kidding...

or am I?