One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yes, Deer

Back to blogging and back to church!

And back to daily walks with my dogs.  Today, I was walking through the woods with my two dogs and a friend's two dogs that I am watching.  Everyone was running around like mad, but mostly staying to the trail.  I was going over to-do lists and checking messages on my i-phone.  I am not sure Thoreau would approve.

Then, the dogs came to attention.  Silence fell upon the forest and for a moment even the cicadas seemed satisfy to rest.  The dogs turned their head with a smooth movement to look at a single fawn dashing through the woods.  She whooshed by me.  Then she was gone.  Noise returned, the buzz of bugs, the bark of dogs and the bristle of the grasses in wind.  Just like that nature interjected her own noise with beauty and a bit of harmony.

A few weeks ago, I was watching a movie on a plane trip.  "Thank You, More Please" follows the lives of several twenty somethings struggling to make it in New York.  It's a decent movie, but what caught my attention was the practice of one of the central characters who when granted a moment of grace or beauty simply replies with the mantra "thank you, more please."

So, I tried it out.  The deer bounded and in the brief moment between absolute peace and the return of noise, I simply said "thank you, more please." It's not a "ooh goody, give me more" mantra but more akin to "thank you universe, I welcome what's next."

Maybe you have a gratitude mantra of your own that opens your heart in the presence of a gift.  Try it out.  You might just put down the to-do list and i-phone.  Thoreau would be proud.

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