One day at a time.

One day at a time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spiritual Improv

I recently went to a comedy improv show.  After the show ended, I spent some time talking to one of the comedians who told me  that improv shows had nothing to do with being funny.  In fact, according to this performer, if you tried to be funny you'd likely mess the whole thing up.  The challenge was to be in the moment and listen to what the other performers were saying.  If you were trying to put together your response, then you would likely lose the humor in the moment.  You had to be willing to live in the moment and respond with anything that was on your mind at any given moment.  You also couldn't try to steal the show by working up to a big joke.  Just in the moment, be yourself, and be brave.

The dog with her "ball"

Yesterday morning when I let the dog out I threw her ball for fetch.  She returned with a very large stick, which could perhaps also be called a small branch.  Spiritual improv.  You run out looking for the ball, which maybe you can't find because it rolled underneath the deck but the important thing is you found this great stick.  A really wonderful new toy.  So, you change ideas mid-run because hey it's no big risk to drag this four foot branch across the yard.  Just in the moment, be yourself and be brave.

Theoretically, Unitarian Universalists have a great deal of room theologically to be spiritual adaptive and to find in life opportunities to transition meaning by living in the moment.  In practice, I am sure it is no easier for UUs than most.  Living in the moment is challenging to say the least.  With multitasking and time conservation veritable demigods, pausing to appreciate the slightest change in tone and tenor is not appreciated or valued.

So here is my attempt to live out my vocation for this week, a little mantra if you will: just in the moment, be myself and be brave.

Let's give it a try.  It might just lighten things up a little and help us see the world with creative spirits.

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